Month: September 2017

Business Investment

Only invest money you can afford to lose

This saying goes a long way when it comes to investing, and in actual fact, this is a phrase you should live by. If you are looking to make an investment and you are not worried about the outcome of the situation as you have other sources of income, and you’re willing to take a gamble, then so be it. However, if you are taking a gamble on money you really can’t afford to lose, you could be about to step into a nightmare. Smart investors will always invest money they can afford to lose, because any investment will have some risks involved, and you can’t leave it up to chance, because you could find yourself in a horrible situation, possibly losing a lot of money you’ve worked incredibly hard for.

Investing in money you can afford to lose is really rule number one of investing, so never forget this!

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Business Advice

Keeping your website updated with quality content

Business websites should be updated on a regular basis, including written and visual content to improve their position on search engines and also keep their customers engaged.

Online marketing is so important these days, due to the increasing level of web users, more businesses are turning to online marketing strategies to improve their company sales. While there are many elements to online marketing, keeping your website up to date with fresh relevant content is probably the most important. For instance, having eye-catching social media posts that direct customers to a poorly designed website will not benefit your business at all.

A good way to keep content on your website fresh is by including a blog, this way to can add new posts in a very interactive way.

You should also update any written text on your site regularly and change images to suit recent promotions or a change of season. All these small steps in keeping your website fresh will help to improve SEO, in turn leading to more traffic to your site.

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