Month: April 2021

Business Investment

How Much Money are Virtual Meetings Saving Businesses?

A global pandemic has definitely had incredibly negative effects for many businesses, in practically every country, however the increase in virtual meetings has several positive qualities. Face-to-face meetings are undoubtedly richer in effective communication and social connection but the possibility of achieving the same goals via technology has been an incredible benefit.

Businesses who regularly host large conferences or training sessions are saving up to 90% of the budget that is normally spent on these events. Not having to spend money on all of the associated logistics such as travel, hotels, food, beverages etc has proven an unexpected positive of pandemic restrictions. The positives of this are not simply monetarily based but also ecologically the decrease in travel has been better for greenhouse gas emission reduction.

These positive factors of saving company’s incredible amounts of money and also being more eco-friendly, from the increase in virtual meetings, were definitely not typical or expected results of a world-wide crisis.

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