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Business Investment

How Much Money are Virtual Meetings Saving Businesses?

A global pandemic has definitely had incredibly negative effects for many businesses, in practically every country, however the increase in virtual meetings has several positive qualities. Face-to-face meetings are undoubtedly richer in effective communication and social connection but the possibility of achieving the same goals via technology has been an incredible benefit.

Businesses who regularly host large conferences or training sessions are saving up to 90% of the budget that is normally spent on these events. Not having to spend money on all of the associated logistics such as travel, hotels, food, beverages etc has proven an unexpected positive of pandemic restrictions. The positives of this are not simply monetarily based but also ecologically the decrease in travel has been better for greenhouse gas emission reduction.

These positive factors of saving company’s incredible amounts of money and also being more eco-friendly, from the increase in virtual meetings, were definitely not typical or expected results of a world-wide crisis.

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Business Investment

Why Should You Include Social Media Marketing into Your Budget?

All you need to do is think about how many hours a day the typical adult spends on social media to know that you should definitely be utilising it to promote your business. Here are five big reasons why you shouldn’t be thinking twice about making it a priority.

1. It’s Affordable: compared to print and TV ads, social media offers a much more affordable option for advertising.

2. It’s Accessible: a lot of social media marketing is trial and error and you can get a lot of important data from it. Once you take the time to understand your target audience, you can use analytics to help you gauge what works and what doesn’t.

3. It’s Effective: with today’s technology people spend a lot of time online and on social media so if that is where the people are, that is where the advertising should be.

4. It Builds Customer Relationships: social media allows for engagement with those that interact with your content, always take full advantage of customer engagement.

5. It Unites Your Target Audience: the beauty of social media is that like-minded people tend to converge into one accessible place. This can massively aid your marketing.

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Business Investment

Social Media Platforms, More or Less?

It is a misconception that businesses should be on as many social platforms as possible, to increase their visibility. Being on too many platforms can actually have a negative impact against your brand.

Instead of trying to be on every platform that you can, you should:

-Figure out which platforms work best for your business.
-Think about how many platforms you can consistently manage and keep up to date.
-Ensure you are creating content that is the proper medium for each of those platforms and catered towards your target audience.
-Keep each of these platforms current and stay engaged with your followers on each of those accounts.

If you are unable to effectively and reliably manage each of your platforms, with a consistent brand voice, then you may need to consider removing or suspending the accounts that are the least beneficial to your business. Having an account that is outdated or mismanaged could cause more harm than good.

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Business Investment

Should you invest in Google Ads?

Google ads are one of the most powerful forms of advertising that you can use for every single business but are particularly useful if your business is small or a start-up.

Google Ads can bring in a high amount of business which could translate into sales due to the type of advertising that it is. The whole idea is that Google Ads shows your business at the top of the list when people search for keywords that relate to your product or service.

Google Ads also do not tie you into large sums of money or contracts, you can invest as little as you like so this can often be a cheaper form of advertising than say radios or magazines which are often expensive.

We think every business should at least trial using Google Ads to see if they will work for your business, and this is very dependent on your business sector. If your target audience is predominately offline then Google Ads may not be worth the investment but could potentially bring you new customers.

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Business Investment

Investing in your business

Investing in your business could be one of the most strategic and production financial decisions you can make, providing your business is heading in the right direction and has potential. If your business is failing an investment could make your business and increase sales massively, only if you invest in the correct areas of your business. But you must keep in mind that not all businesses make it big.

Investing in marketing could see your business grow and sales increase but before investing you will need to consider; does your business have the potential to grow? Is your service or product unique? if not what sets you above the rest? Investing in your business can be a risky move and could cost you a lot of money. You must ensure that your business is ready for growth.

Several businesses have the potential to grow and expand but funds may be limited, if your business is already flourishing but limited funds are holding you back then an investment might be the best business decision you will make.

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Business Investment

Can you grow your social media organically?

With so many options out there for cheap marketing such as Facebook ads or google ads the art of organically growing your business is becoming less and less.

Many people are opting to pay for advertising due to convenience and now more than ever it is cost effective. But for small businesses or start ups the funds to plough into advertising may be tight or non-existent.

Often a lot of businesses think they need to pay for advertising to grow social media platforms but this is far from the truth. With time, effort and commitment, you can easily grow your social media following and engagement without spending a penny.

The real key to growing your socials organically is commitment. Sharing one post or story once a month really isn’t going to do much at all. You need to commit to sharing valuable and engaging content very frequently with most experts recommending one post per day with several stories will give you optimal results.

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Business Investment

Hashtags on Instagram

Using hashtags on Instagram is a great way to expand your reach, increase engagement and up your following but if you use hashtags incorrectly and it can have a negative effect.

How many hashtags should you really use?

Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, you could use the max and hope for the best but this will only do so much. Some users report that using less hashtags or a max of 10 has a better reach than using the full 30, others report that the more hashtags the better. The perfect amount will vary from business to business, so we recommend you have a good play. Switch things up to see what works best for you.

What hashtags should I use?

You should always use hashtags that are relevant to what you are posting, just using any old hashtag will not work – you want to reach your ideal customer so use your hashtags wisely. You need to be strategic with your hashtags. Research popular hashtags for your business. You want to use hashtags that have following so short and popular words may work better.

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Business Investment

The do’s and don’ts of Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a great way to promote your product or business and engage with new or current customers. They can drastically increase leads and sales if done correctly.

– Target Audience – it is super important to target the correct audience for your business
– Use different ad formats
– Get creative with your headlines
– Use top quality images
– Include links
– Check your stats to see how your ads perform

– Advertise to everyone – you don’t want to waste your money showing ads to people who are unlikely to turn into a customer
– Be boring and repetitive – create eye catching and fresh ads
– Come across too ‘salesy’ – people find this off-putting
– Copy the competition – save yourself the embarrassment if you get caught out. Be original.
– Don’t forget to check your ads before posting – spelling mistakes, grammar etc.

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Business Investment

Only invest money you can afford to lose

This saying goes a long way when it comes to investing, and in actual fact, this is a phrase you should live by. If you are looking to make an investment and you are not worried about the outcome of the situation as you have other sources of income, and you’re willing to take a gamble, then so be it. However, if you are taking a gamble on money you really can’t afford to lose, you could be about to step into a nightmare. Smart investors will always invest money they can afford to lose, because any investment will have some risks involved, and you can’t leave it up to chance, because you could find yourself in a horrible situation, possibly losing a lot of money you’ve worked incredibly hard for.

Investing in money you can afford to lose is really rule number one of investing, so never forget this!

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Business Investment

Start-ups: Should you bring an investor on board?

No matter what industry you’re in, when you create a start-up business, one of the first things you’re likely to consider is whether or not to look for an investor. Bringing an investor on board can make sense, especially if you find the right organisation or individual who can take you to the next level, but sometimes this is a step too soon for small businesses, especially start-ups. Let’s say you have absolutely no start-up experience whatsoever. It’s highly unlikely you’ll get a good investment with your first try. It’s often a case of trial and error when it comes to choosing the right investor, so you may want to get some experience in the bag first.

You also have to think carefully about ownership. You are essentially selling ownership so can’t decide everything by yourself. The relationship with your investor matters a great deal, so rather than working alone you need to embrace teamwork. It’s also important to think about how scalable the investment opportunity is. If for example, doubling your sales means doubling your headcount, then some investors may be deterred and rightly so. They need to see healthy potential. There are many cases where people get the investment they need but they can’t succeed even with the funds they wanted so you do have to think carefully about where that money will be utilised but there will never been any certainty of success.

If you’re only just getting the ball rolling and there is a lot more you can do on your own with the resources available, then you should put as much time and effort into getting your business setup. It’s a sad truth that many individuals work for free 24/7 on companies where they do not hold more than a percent of the shares, so whatever you do, don’t be that person!

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